Amber Whitmire and the Jennifers
Background Information
Name Amber Whitmire and the Jennifers
Created by Steven Spielberg
Written by Bill Kopp
Main Cast Sherry Lynn

Debi Derryberry

Mark Schiff

Brad Garrett

Brain Cummings

Jeff Bennett

Kath Souice

June Foray

Candi Milo

Rob Paulsen

Tress MacNeille

Frank Welker

Ben Stein

Billy West

Scott Menville

Gary Owens

Bill Kopp

Country of origin

United States

No. of Seasons


No. of Episodes


About the Show
Networks ABC Kids (U.S.)

Toon Disney (U.S.)

YTV (Canada)

Amber Whitmire and the Jennifers is an american television series


  1. Love is in The Air/Red
  2. Smells The Flavor/Home Is Where the Head Is
  3. Home Sweet Friendly/Hobo Hounds
  4. Voting for Amber/Hollywood's Ark
  5. Comedy Baseball/Jerk
  6. Funky Cartoons/Where is My Bone
  7. Cotton Candy/Love Doctors
  8. Rush on Time/Pie in the Sky
  9. Bad Amber/Seeing Eye Dog
  10. Footlock on a Team/Return of Red
  11. Sugar Ruse/Show and Tell
  12. Club On/Fun
  13. Pussy Amber/Love in the Park
  14. Come on Jennifer/Let's Make a Right Price
  15. Got First Cursh/Cat
  16. Oh My Amber Your Hot/Pie in the Sky
  17. Races is on/Love
  18. Go Far Out/Stunt Dogs
  19. Halloween Mashup/Spook a poppin'
  20. Re-Amber/Trash Day
  21. Cutie One/Family Values
  22. Pluck Fic-Amber/Seeing Eye Dog
  23. Amber to the Future/Substitute Teacher
  24. The Jennifers Shows/The Rise and Fall of the Big Dog
  25. My Love!/Cartoon Carines
  26. Tune in/Space Dogs