Enzo Matrix
Enzo Matrix
Biographical Information
Real Name: Enzo Matrix
Alias: Matrix
Species: Sprite
Age: 24
Job: Guardian
Originally From: Mainframe

Welman Matrix (Father)


Dot Matrix (Sister)






Robotic Eye

Character Information
Show: ReBoot
First appearance: The Tearing
Voiced by: Jessie Moss (Child)
Paul Dobson (Adult)

Enzo Matrix is a Sprite living in Mainframe. He is the son of Welman Matrix, the younger brother of Dot Matrix, and later the older brother to Little Enzo. When he was a young sprite his father was nullified when Mainframe's Twin City was destroyed. He lived with his older sister, Dot Matrix, at Dot's Diner. Enzo idolized Bob when the Guardian came to Mainframe to help protect the city. He was the envy of the little sprite and Enzo dreamed of being a Guardian just like Bob. Enzo's pet and best friend was a dog named Frisket. Despite his small stature Enzo was very brave, always ready to go into a Game Cub] or face Megabyte or Hexadecimal. Enzo also had a habit of greeting Bob by tackling him to the ground.

Enzo and AndrAIa grew up fast in the Games, both had compiled up faster due to Game-Time and were near Bob and Dot's ages. They continued using Game Cubes to go from system to system searching for a system with ports to the Net so they could return home. Enzo grew distant and bitter about their lives. Battling games constantly he grew massive muscles and found a Gun on his travels. He replaced his damaged right eye with a targeting implant and linked it to his new Gun. Enzo also stopped calling himself Enzo, believing it to be too weak, reminding himself of his younger self. He started calling himself by his last name, Matrix. He also stopped calling himself a Guardian, referring to himself as a renegade. The only two he is close to at this point are Frisket and AndrAIa, whenever she isn't with him, Matrix will lose his temper very quickly and jump head first without thinking, causing more harm than good. Even with AndrAIa around, he will get nervous very easily, drawing Gun at the slightest hint of danger, but more often than not AndrAIa will calm him down before it gets out of hand.

Enzo Matrix had not only changed drastically in physical build, but in his personality as well. He was no longer kind or patient with other people. He harbored an extreme hatred for viruses now, especially Megabyte. Before he deleted the Praying Mantis Virus in the Damaged System, it had begged for mercy, to which Matrix scoffed and promptly shot it in the head.

In many respects Matrix was still compelled by his Guardian code to Mend and Defend, along their travels Matrix and AndrAIa helped teach many systems including the Damaged System, Spectral System, and the Satellite System how to fight Games and how to resolve their own conflicts.