Freaky Stories
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FREAKY STORIES is a series of animated shorts relaying the most notorious urban myths, inexplicable occurrences and eerie happenings. You know the kind – ‘It happened to a friend of a friend…” Hosted by erudite duo Larry the charming cockroach and his sidekick Maurice the Maggot, FREAKY STORIES are bedtime or campfire stories gone askew. FREAKY STORIES leaves you with a chill running down your spine and a tendency to look over your shoulder. Each episode of FREAKY STORIES opens with Maurice and Larry meeting at their local hangout, the Diner. Focusing on four weird stories per episode, each episode features distinct and varied styles of animation. Written by a team of live-action comedy writers including Emmy Award –winning writer Simon Muntner (M.A.S.H.), FREAKY STORIES features the voices of Dan Redican, James Rankin, Jayne Eastwood, Nigel Bennett and Don Francks.