Biographical Information
Real Name: Phong
Species: Sprite
Originally From: Mainframe

Dot Matrix
Enzo Matrix



Character Information
Show: ReBoot
First appearance: The Tearing
Voiced by: Michael Donovan

Phong is the oldest Sprite living in Mainframe and is the cities benevolent leader. He lives in the Principal Office where he serves as the System Administrator and Keeper of the Core. He is somewhat evocative of Confucius, often dispensing advice in the form of confusing and vague philosophical quotes gleaned from old README files. Very fond of Pong, he used to have a rule that one must defeat him at the game to be considered worthy of his knowledge. As Read-Only Memory, Phong is immune to infection by most viruses.

Phong is the only perminent resident of the Principal Office because of his special status. He is the only person allowed access to the Core Control Chamber, and his mind is the only place the access codes are stored. Phong has an Office in the Principal Office where he can councel others, give out information, and work on administrating the city. Sometimes when people need his advice Phong will see them at his podium in the Entrance Hall.

Phong's icon is a Chinese Yin/Yang symbol instead of the usual diamond shape. He is one of the few people to have a different design of icon from the traditional triangles.

After the destruction of Mainframe's Twin City and the arrival of two viruses, Megabyte and Hexadecimal, Phong gladly welcomed Bob to Mainframe to help defend the city.