Rated A For Awesome
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What’s the one thing that strikes dread in the hearts of kids everywhere? It’s BLAH! Caught looking doofy at a school dance? Stuck with the world’s most boring teacher? You can bet Blah’s behind it. But hope is not lost! Enter five best buds with a mission: fight back against blah using all their powers of AWESOMIZATION!

So what is Awesomizing? It’s souping up detention and turning it into “Club D” the HOTTEST spot in the entire school, building robots to do your yard work chores, or super-growing a chest hair to attract the cute new girl at school. Of course, with Team Awesome chances are incredibly good that the robo-gardeners will become sentient and try to trim down the whole town, or that the chest hair will mutate, go rogue and kidnap the girl in question.

Pretty much anything kids think is blah will find itself the target of Team Awesome—for better or worse! When it comes to Les, Thera, Noam, Lars and Mr. Twitchy, there’s only one rule: make the world awesome or get detention trying!


  • Les
  • Thera
  • Noam
  • Lars
  • Mr. Twitchy