Ray Tracer
Ray Tracer
Biographical Information
Real Name: Ray Tracer
Species: Search Engine/Sprite
Originally From: The Net





Web Surfing


Surf Board

Character Information
Show: ReBoot
First appearance: The Return of The Crimson Binome
Voiced by: Donal Gibson

Ray Tracer is a second generation Search Engine that surfs both the Net and the Web. He is the only known person that can easily go back and forth between the two dimensions. He is physically linked with his surf board, if he is hit with something he feels no pain, but if the surf board is hit he will feel its pain. When Ray enters the Web he taps his icon and his clothing changes to Web armour to keep himself safe from the Web.

Ray was surfing the Net illegally after the Guardians restricted Net travel under Daemon's orders. He was caught in the Desert Port System and put in prison to await deletion. When Matrix and AndrAIa helped to free the crew of the Saucy Mare they released Ray as well. Ray quickly left but found AndrAIa cornered by some CPU cars. He saved her from them and brought her to the Saucy Mare as she was leaving the docks. Ray stayed with the ship as it left the system. Unfortunately, his involvement causes tension between AndrAIa and Matrix, the latter of which grows increasingly more jealous of Ray's flirting with his lady.

When they found the ship's portal generator was damaged, Ray offered to stabilize the tear in the Edge of Beyond into a portal so that they could enter the Web and look for Bob. When they arrived Ray told them they had to cover the ship in dead Web Creatures for shielding against the Web. While gathering the hides, Matrix snapped at AndrAIa and Ray for their playful banter out of jealousy. An angry AndrAIa stormed off the ship to retrieve more hides, and was injured by a baby web creature. Ray stopped Matrix from killing the creature telling him that they needed the animal to save AndrAIa's life.