Sprites are humanoid people that inhabit most of the systems of the Net. They are one of several types of formats that exist in Cyber Space. Sprites come in a variety of colours and usually have two arms and two legs. However, there are some like Phong, who is a Sprite but has no legs and does not have the characteristic head and hands. Some Sprites have a more organic look while others are more mechanical in appearance. Sprites are usually in charge of the systems they inhabit, but often work in conjunction with Binomes. In almost every system seen on the known Net, Sprites are always less common than Binomes, only two known systems were exceptions, one being the Super Computer and the other Mainframe's Twin City. Both these systems had an unusually high-population of Sprite data beings present in them.

When the Twin City was destroyed after a devastating chain of events, the explosion Nulls|nullified almost every Sprite in the system, leaving the surviving Mainframe with only a handful of Sprites and a massive population of binomes.

Other forms of Sprites are; Game Sprite, Hacker, Guardian.
People can be; Sprites, Binomes, viruses, Web Rider or a Search Engine.

Known Sprites are;