Biographical Information
Real Name: James Howlett (presumed)
Alias: Wolverine
Weapon X
Mr. Logan
Species: Mutant
Age: 100+ years
Originally From: Alberta, Canada

Charles Xavier


Heightened Senses
Healing Factor
Adamantium Skeleton and Claws


Canadian Special Forces
Instructor at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

Height: 5'3
Character Information
Show: X-Men: Evolution
First appearance: Strategy X
Portrayed by: Scott McNeil

Wolverine is a very head strong and strong willed man. Despite the fact he can be insensitive, he is actually a very caring, loyal and self sacrificing person. He is always willing to defend someone who needs it, X-23, Charles, Spyke and anyone else. Despite his temper and violent attributions, he does try to control them and teach the 'youth' violence isn't the best option, but that sometimes it is needed and sometimes is the only way. He is a lot like his comic book version. He seems to consider Kitty and X-23 like daughters, so may see the X-men as a whole family. Wolverine is known to be very sarcastic, point out the obvious, and be extremely blunt. Although he prefers to be alone, he does enjoy the company of those he likes and sometimes can become nervous when given a job he feels he may not excel at.